Ice Rinks

Ice Rinks
  • Separate skater and spectator zones
  • Optimal conditions on and above the ice
  • Low velocity across the ice to prevent evaporation
  • Uniform indoor air environment 
  • High user comfort
  • Condensation and corrosion free
Ice rinks typically represent two separate zones with each their unique requirements: the skater zone and the spectator zone. These are separated through a type of air curtain created using the directionality of the airflows to prevent mixing. 
To prevent fog and evaporation from the ice, a low velocity, low temperature airflow is directed toward the skater zone. The spectator zone typically requires a warmer temperature and a high air change without drafts to create the most comfort. 
Additional airflows can be designed to sweep surfaces from harmful condensation. This prevents corrosion and mold and ensures that no condensed water drips onto ice and audience.
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