We make the architect’s creative vision possible

We make the architect’s creative vision possible

FabricAir solutions are architecture and engineering in seamless integration.

Function and aesthetics combine to create the perfect indoor environment with a stylish look that matches the building architecture.

Flexibility includes size, shape and color schemes and the result is a draft-free, condensation-free and noiseless air dispersion solution designed to strengthen your architectural vision.

Include us in the initial concept development phase or add us during refurbishments.


1. Freedom in design

Technical superiority coupled with environmental benefits and economic advantages make FabricAir dispersion technology a preferred solution across the globe.

The versatility and flexibility of the solutions surpass that of conventional systems, which enables full freedom in the design phase.

FabricAir dispersion systems offer a variety of standard and custom colors and custom prints, including surface prints, graphics, logos and lettering.

2. Aesthetic solution

FabricAir Dispersion Systems allow for creative expression and design in shapes, transitions, profiles and flow models to create a clean and creative appearance free from seams, corrugations, duct sealant, paint streaks or inconsistencies.

Using surface printing, we can customize fabrics to create custom colors, adding value to the aesthetics aspects of interior design and visual appeal.

The different duct profiles available, e.g. D-shaped, allows the designer the flexibility to adapt to situations of low ceiling height and to be affixed to existing drop ceilings, making it virtually invisible. The fabric duct will therefore blend in harmoniously with the existing ceiling design, ultimately contributing to the aesthetical appeal.

3. Low energy consumption — save up to 40%

Using FabricAir technology saves up to 40% on the running costs of a ventilation system. This is due to a combination of quick room temperature equalization, which is the result of the even air dispersion, and to the lower static pressure required by the system technology.

4. Virtually silent

FabricAir dispersion technology generates no significant sound as the air flows with minimal resistance.

The systems typically operate in the 25-30 NC level range and can be designed to go as low as NC 15 making it suitable for libraries, hospitals and other noise-sensitive applications.

5. Hygienic and non-corrosive

The condensation-free nature of fabric ducting makes the technology the most hygienic alternative on the market.

The absence of condensation inhibits bacterial growth, and the fiber material is inherently flame retardant and corrosion resistant, making the technology ideal in harsh environments like pools and workshops.

6. The highest level of occupant comfort

Comfort in the occupied zone is where the difference between fabric-based air dispersion and conventional metal ducting is really perceptible. Fabric-based technology enables a high air change at low velocity, resulting in a highly pleasant, draft-free environment with a high indoor air quality.



Jī-Rōz,Greek restaurant,
South Carolina, USA

Thought-provoking design fused with superior air engineering technology.

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Restaurante Sansui,
Zaragoza, Spain

Creating ambiance and comfort through even air dispersion and fabric ducting.

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Lila Cockrell Theater,
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Keeping performers and audience comfortable.

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Izmir Arena,
Izmir, Turkey

Stylish, corrosion-free solution with a high comfort level.

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Bangkok Hospital Surat,
Bangkok, Thailand

Space optimized design at modern hospital.

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Newcastle Airport,
Newcastle, UK

Draft-free, even air dispersion in airport hall.

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Taastrup Svømmehal,
Taastrup, Denmark

Unforseen challenges called for a quick air dispersion solution.

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SE Arena,
Vojens, Denmark

Two separate air flows ensure ideal environments on the ice as well as in the seats.

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Maya Sport Center,
Bursa, Turkey

Air distribution and lighting system united in stylish solution.

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