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Malmo Messecenter, Malmo, Sweden

We cannot imagine a better solution!

Managing Director Lasse Larsson, Malmö Mässan: “We maintain a satisfactory indoor climate under all kinds of conditions, and the fabric ducts in the halls work perfectly. We cannot imagine a better solution!” says Lasse Larsson, Managing Director of Malmö Mässan in Malmö.


Ventilation Contract Manager Per Gerdtsen at Climate 80: “The installation has only taken half the time we expected because we used fabric ducts instead of conventional metal ones. We are very satisfied with that,” says Per Gerdtsen, Ventilation Contract Manager at Climate 80, which handled the ventilation contract.


”When spotlights and other heat sources warm up during a trade fair, something extra is required to get the temperature down to comfortable levels. Our ventilation contractor Climate 80 solved this for us by using this excellent system,” explains Martin Herrlin, Building Manager at Malmö Mässan. The contractor installed FabricAir fabric ducts with JetFlow.

“When the temperature and humidity change, we are able to adjust both to produce the perfect indoor climate in the space of an hour. We are also able to control everything remotely from an iPad. We replace 200,000 m3 of air an hour.”

Satisfaction with JetFlow at exhibition center

Malmö Mässan comprises exhibition halls that supplement the well-known Malmö Arena in Malmö during large-scale events. The halls were built to Green Buildings standards and were opened in 2012. The contractor chose to use fabric ducts for the building’s air distribution. The Managing Director and Building Manager are very satisfied with the indoor climate that has been achieved. Fabric ducts from FabricAir with powerful JetFlows that distribute air from three air systems to the 20,000 m2 large halls. The largest hall has an area of 14,000 m2.


“You can adjust the temperature in the space of about an hour if the place is too hot or too cold,” explains Building Manager Martin Herrlin.


When spotlights and exhibited machinery give off heat during a trade fair, you need cooling to make the indoor climate comfortable for visitors. On the other hand, you may need to heat up the halls on cold winter days. Bringing heated air down from such a great height as we have in this exhibition center is a challenge. But JetFlow is able to handle that. JetFlow makes it possible to reduce the number of ducts and thereby save money. This is because each duct brings the air further down into the space than other systems are able to. In fact, JetFlow has the market’s longest air throw. Fewer ducts mean significant savings.


The significantly shorter installation time required for fabric ducts saves the client even more. “The whole air distribution system was installed in half the time that we would estimate for conventional ducts. Fabric ducts are simpler to install than conventional metal ducts,” explains Per Gerdtsen from Climate 80, which handled the ventilation contract.

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Managing Director Lasse Larsson, Malmö Mässan:“We maintain a satisfactory indoor climate under all kinds of conditions, and the fabric ducts in the halls work perfectly.

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