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PUBLIC: Creating high levels of comfort in a mosque

Client or Site Name Surau al-Falah mosque, Taman Cempaka, Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ubicación Kuala Lumpur
País Malaysia
Job category Public: Mosque
Year 2014
Kind of fabric Combi 20
Color name Koyu Gri
Installation Tip 1, All-in-One
Total air flow 29.562 m³/h
Flow models SonicFlow™



When the Surau al-Falah mosque in Malaysia needed an air dispersion system, FabricAir delivered an aesthetical, draft-free LowNoise solution for the highest level of comfort.



The Surau al-Falah mosque needed an air dispersion solution in their praying hall. Comfort was the main concern and aesthetics also played an important role.
FabricAir ducting was the ideal solution due to the low weight, high efficiency design and the unrivalled levels of occupant comfort.
Together with Ecoduct Sdn. Bhd. we delivered  a solution consisting of two dark grey ducts with a  round profile and Type 1 All-In-One suspension to ensure nice-looking ducts even when the air if off.
The primary flow model is SonicFlow™ and a total of 1190 12mm sonic holes deliver a draft-free, even air flow inside the mosque creating the ideal indoor air quality even  when the  mosque if full.
The nature of fabric ducting with its low velocity and low pressure air  dispersion ensures almost silent air dispersion, thus making it ideal for applications such as  mosques, libraries and  other facilities where silence and contemplation are central.
Our solution delivers draft-free, silent air dispersion in the praying hall, creating the highest possible comfort for the occupants.
As an aesthetical touch, All-In-One ensures good-looking ducts even with the air turned off.
Advantages of fabric ducting in mosques:
•  Low noise
•  Draft-free, even air distribution
•  Light weight, high efficiency design
•  Wide color palette to suit the interior design
•  Low maintenance and fully washable
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