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Interior Design Store "SKEIDAR"

Client or Site Name "Skeidar" interior design store
Ubicación Trondheim
País Norway
Job category Retail
Year 2012
Kind of fabric Combi 70
Color name White
Installation Type 8
Flow models NozzFlow™
Aesthetics and comfort were important factors in Skeidar’s new showroom. Fabric ducting was ideal due to the appealing looks, even and noiseless air dispersion and the flexibility of the design.
When Skeidar was establishing a new store in Trondheim, their goal was to be unparalleled with respect to furniture and interior design on the local market. They needed more space to better integrate furniture and interior design items and wanted to create homely surroundings for the shoppers.
The new store and showroom comprised 10.000 m3 of furniture and interior design in two stories, and represented numerous different styles to support their wish to be the leading int erior design store in Trondheim.
A FabricAir solution was selected due to the flexibility and aesthetics of the design, and the high comfort levels it offers to the occupied space.
Through Atmos AS we delivered a solution in white Combi 70 with Type 8 suspension to create an aesthetic look, that matched the light Scandinavian design of the store. The fabric solution has lower energy consumption than a conventional metal equivalent.
Using NozzFlow™ ensures a large air change without noise and drafts, creating the maximum comfort for the shoppers to support the homely feeling of the exhibition areas.
The result is an aesthetic, energy friendly solution with high levels of occupant comfort. The flexible duct design makes it easy to change the store layout and exhibition items as needed.
Advantages include:
• Even, draft-free air dispersion
• Noiseless for increased comfort
• Low investment and operational costs
• Low maintenance & energy consumption
• Flexible design allows unlimited options for placement of exhibited furniture.
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