Type 7 / 360°

Why Type 7 / 360° ?

  • Aesthetically pleasing installation
  • Stable installation

Type 7 H-rail suspension is an elegantly fixed all-aluminum suspension method from which the ducts hang by a keter type bulb edge. The H-rail, so named because it looks like an H in the cross section, is made out of anodized aluminum, making it an excellent choice for corrosive environments. The H-rail is hung using field adjustable anodized aluminum rods that lock into the top channel of the rail. The duct is then suspended from the rail. The duct will have a continuous sewn in rubber gasket, at the 12 o'clock position, that fits into the bottom channel in the H-rail. The height of the gasket above the duct can be manufactured to specification.


Paprastas įrengimas

Les systèmes de diffusion FabricAir sont intuitifs et simples à installer. Chaque section de gaine est repérée par une étiquette individuelle, ce qui vous permet de connaître l'emplacement exact...

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Internal 360° Hoops

The Internal 360° Hoops are mounted in sleeves on the inside of the ductwork creating a closed circuit around the circumference. This ensures an aesthetically pleasing duct that is kept open if...

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Curved rails

Curved rails are produced by bending our anodized H-rail. The rails are bent to the exact angle that is needed to suit the elbows in your FabricAir duct system. Curved rails are only available...

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H-rail is commonly used to suspend complex FabricAir dispersion systems, as there can be bent to suit the elbows. H-rail is produced in 2 meter sections using an extrusion process and...

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Rod drop


One or two rows of field adjustable, anodized aluminum rods are hung from the building structure and lock into the top channel of an H-rail type suspension system.


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