Historic hotel breathes new life through fabric ducts

A hotel located in a building from 1909, has recently undergone a renovation to improve the indoor air quality and comfort for its occupants. To create a perfect IAQ, the hotel representatives chose to install fabric-based air distribution system from FabricAir.

Before the installation of the new air distribution system, the occupants of the hotel were experiencing discomfort due to drafts and inconsistent temperatures. However, with the new system in place, the hotel’s guests can now enjoy a comfortable and pleasant environment.

The D-shape black colored Combi 90 ducts were carefully chosen to integrate seamlessly with the hotel’s interior design, specifically in the breakfast room. This choice not only improves the overall aesthetic of the space, but also ensures that the air is distributed evenly and without drafts or cold spots.

“We are thrilled to have been able to help Thon Hotel Gildevangen improve the indoor air quality and comfort for the guests at the hotel,” says Per Morten Lundahl, Regional Sales Manager at FabricAir. “The sleek design of the D-shape ducts adds to the aesthetic of the breakfast room, and the easy maintenance of the system ensures that it will continue to operate effectively for years to come.”

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