Perfect indoor environment for automotive manufacturing facility

Many manufacturing facilities know the significance of a well-performing air distribution system. It makes the workers feel better and allows them to be more efficient at work. Nemak, a leading provider of innovative lightweighting solutions for the global automotive industry, decided to install a fabric-based solution in their facility in Germany and chose FabricAir for the implementation of this project.

“We are excited to see that more and more manufacturers from automotive industries are searching for alternative air distribution solutions and conventional systems fail to deliver with a high-quality indoor environment. Industrial applications may seem to be less attractive for fabric-based air distribution solutions, but it is actually even better, as the maintenance of fabric ducts is very simple. And, fabric air distribution systems create a perfect working environment with no cold spots or drafts”, says Serud Ahmad, Country Manager for Germany and Austria at FabricAir.

FabricAir’s engineers designed a tailored air distribution system with a combined airflow mode for optimal indoor ventilation, with MicroFlow™ and SonicFlow™, made from green Combi 30 fabric and installed with Type 6 suspension. FabricAir’s ducts evenly distribute 40 000 m³/hair around the workshop and eliminate all unpleasant drafts.

The client was very happy with the new air distribution system as after the arrival it was installed in 3 days without a need to stop production. As the company specializes in the development and manufacturing of aluminum components for powertrain and body structure applications, the speed and flexibility of installation were essential as much as the end result, and so FabricAir delivered on all the needs.

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