Say hello to a brand new FabricAir brand image

We are excited to announce that as of 2022, we’re refreshing our brand identity and launching a new logo and brand identity as part of the ongoing evolution of the FabricAir brand. With our new logo and vision, we are moving towards an exciting future while keeping our core values and strengthening our position in the HVAC industry as the innovator of the industry for the past 49 years.

We want to be clear – we loved our previous brand identity, that is why we kept it nearly the same for almost 15 years. However, the world is evolving, and so the change was imminent. We wanted to create a new brand identity that would underline our passion for fabric-based innovations in the HVAC industry and our dedication towards every client in any part of the world.

“After such a long time, I believe it was time to enhance our image. We want to look modern, show our passion for innovation, and strengthen our trustworthiness. We have been innovating the HVAC market since 1973, and we continue to do so. And this statement characterizes FabricAir the best. We have continuously been growing, and with 14 subsidiaries in different countries, plus a large network of distributors, we supply our products to over 120 countries. With almost 50 years of experience behind our belt, I am sure that we will continue delivering exciting products that change the HVAC industry as we know it,” says Brian Refsgaard, CEO at FabricAir.

The brand-new logo of FabricAir is developed, having in mind one of the key elements in our business – fabric ducts. The letters are either created from the “grid” of fabric-based air distribution or have a round shape that indicates the round shape of ducts. We took our existing element – the stitches – and made them more centered. As we are mainly working with fabric, then obviously stitches are part of our solutions, and so, they became a very subtle element that binds all the changes together. Our new logo is now also accompanied by a new slogan – “Innovating the HVAC industry since 1973” – which shows our rich experience and a will to continuously innovate our industry.

We believe that our image has to go hand-in-hand with our work and these changes will represent our company for many years to come. We are extremely excited to share our new face with the world and look forward to what is coming next.

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