All-in-One Support (AiO) consists of semi-circular hangers, made from anodized aluminum, sewn into pockets on the exterior of the duct at fixed intervals. This approach enables the duct to always be open making it more visually appealing and facilitates minimum strain during startup. These come pre-installed from the factory, which significantly reduces installation time compared to the systems offered by other manufacturers.

All-in-One requires few tools, easily removable

The All-in-One components require minor tools and are easily removable for maintenance. The appropriate suspension support depends on the diameter of the duct. The AiO Support will cover 180° of the duct’s circumference up to Ø1220 mm. For diameters above Ø1220 mm, hanger coverage decreases due to shipping constraints. All-in-One provides additional support for 90° elbows.

Hoops for suspension are used in conjunction with the All-in-One systems. The hoops are made of anodized aluminum and help to keep the duct from “cheating” towards the center of the duct when there is no airflow.
All-In-One ducts are delivered with hoops preinstalled from the factory. The hoops are easily removed and re-installed, which reduces the effort associated with maintenance.

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