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FengXiang • LDC Food, China

Müşteri veya saha/şantiye adı LDC Food, YangGu Town
Konum LiaoCheng City
Region (state) code ShanDong Province
Ülke China
İş kategorisi Food Processing
Yıl 2012
Kumaş türü Trevira CS150
Color name Blauw
Kurulum Type 02
Akış modelleri MicroFlow

In food processing and cold storage environments, where airflow has a direct impact on product quality, customers choose FabricAir® products in combination with FabricAir® low-speed airflow models, such as FabricAir® FabFlow and FabricAir® MicroFlowTM.

Fengxiang Food Group is one of the largest chicken food product companies in China. More than half of its chicken products are exported to Japan and the European Union. The LDC Food Factory is one of the Fengxiang Food Group’s processed food manufacturing plants.

The plant has been operational for many years and its direct air supply fan system had a number of drawbacks. As a result, the factory was in urgent need of a new air distribution system to resolve these problems. The plant required even air distribution without draughts and filtered, clean air, which would provide workers with a better indoor working environment.

FabricAir® used Trevira CS 150 fabric. As FabricAir®’s highest-grade fabric, Trevira CS 150 is an active antimicrobial fabric that has also received an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification from the International Oeko-Tex Association. This guarantees that the fabric is safe for use in the food industry.

FabricAir® supplied air for LDC Food using FabricAir®MicroFlow™, which can distribute air evenly through the entire duct, matching fan air volumes without condensation or draughts.

Mr. Chen Dongqi, Refrigeration Director at LDC Food, told us that the FabricAir® system was much more effective than he expected. The even air distribution provided by FabricAir® has a very small temperature gradient, which will improve product quality and distribute air more efficiently. Therefore, the factory floor cools faster than before, which reduces LDC’s energy consumption.

Mr. Chen was surprised that FabricAir® produced no condensation on duct surfaces even in a wet factory with a relative humidity exceeding 90%. Previously, when fans were started, the entire factory floor was blanketed in fog, but he was very pleased that FabricAir® ducts were dry.

Workers on the factory floor also felt that their working environment had improved after FabricAir® was installed, in that there was much less noise and fewer draughts. Mr. Chen noted that it is very important for LDC Food to provide a more comfortable working environment for workers. With rising labour costs in China, workers have been paying more attention to the benefits and work environment that employers provide. A good work environment would make more workers stay and work longer for LDC Food. 

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FabricAir kanalları %100 polyesterden üretilmiştir, bu da, hava dağıtımınız anlamında size hijyenik bir çözüm sunar. Polyester, su emmeyen ince plastik bir ipliktir.

Air is distributed through Micro-perforations.

FabricAir® Trevira CS 150 is supplied with a unique anti-microbial treatment, which is especially suitable for areas with strict hygiene requirements. It comes with a 10 year warranty.

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