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Izmir Arena, Izmir, Turkey

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The management of the Izmir Arena, one of Izmir’s leading entertainment centers, chose FabricAir fabric ducts for its heating and cooling ducts in the 2,500 square meter indoor area of its facility.

We interviewed Hasan Karabin, Technical Officer of the facility, who told us why they had chosen FabricAir ducts to meet their ventilation requirements.

“The most important issues for us were that the steel roof we had constructed for the facility might not support metal ventilation systems, and that, since we are by the sea, there was a risk that metal ducts would corrode. We also considered the possibility that metal systems may also have a negative effect on the acoustics in the indoor area where we planned to organize concerts, weddings and various other entertainment events. At this point, representatives from Eneko Havalandırma ve Isı Ekonomisi Sistem Teknolojileri [Eneko Ventilation and Heat Economy Systems Technology], who were assisting us with the ventilation of the facility, recommended FabricAir ducts as a solution to all our problems. Representatives from our company then looked at an installation using FabricAir dispersion at the Özel Emot Hand and Microsurgery Hospital, and decided to choose FabricAir products.

Thanks to the airflow model systems that FabricAir designed to suit our facility, we have not experienced any problem whatsoever so far in the effectiveness or homogeneity of this system during heating and cooling. We also feel that air quality has improved.

There has been no cost in terms of esthetics either, because FabricAir designed the products in the same color as the roof of our facility.”

FabricAir air ducts are perfect for major entertainment venues like Izmir Arena because they are lightweight, they do not corrode or affect the acoustics of the venue, and they are esthetically pleasing.

FabricAir, manufacturer of fabric air ducts and systems, has been providing its customers with lightweight, decorative and practical ventilation solutions since 1973.

FabricAir, manufacturer of fabric dispersion systems, offers ventilation options that are stylish and decorative as well as functional.

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