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Palacio de Larrinaga, Zaragoza, Spain

Müşteri veya saha/şantiye adı Grupo El Cachirulo
Konum Zaragoza
Ülke Spain
Yıl 2014
Kumaş türü Combi 70
Color name Black
Toplam hava debisi 4,800 m3/h
Akış modelleri NozzFlow™

Comfort, aesthetics, and hygiene were vital factors in the refurbishment of a high-end event venue

FabricAir represents the latest technology within air conditioning of facilities, where hygiene and comfort are vital; hence it was the natural choice when Palacio de Larrinaga underwent refurbishment.



The new banquet hall at the recently inauguratedPalacio de Larrinaga incorporates the latest technology; e.g. it has combined natural lighting with LED technology while respecting the history and tradition of the space. Hence it was only natural to use a state-of-the-art FabricAir solution for the refurbishment.

Grupo El Cachirulo, who administers a number of exclusive restaurants and event venues in and around Zaragoza, Spain, has previouslyused our solutions, thus knew exactly what they wanted:An aesthetic solution, with the ideal airflow, which took up as little space as possible.



We delivered a custom solution in black Combi 70 with NozzFlow™ to ensure ideal air dispersion without drafts and noise.

A semi-circular central profile was designed, independent for two zones, and a diffusion study guaranteed the correct air distribution.

The solution is suspended by Type 11 suspension to save space and create an aesthetic look.



Through efficient design we have eliminated the space occupied by the return duct and the volume of the duct has been reduced.

"Our customers are quality conscious; we must minimize the air currents and the sound level, always maintaining the right temperature. Last year we installed FabricAir solutions in other facilities within our group and they work very well."


"In this space, we wanted to integrate elegant design and optimum comfort. In the summer months, temperatures are high in Zaragoza and the air conditioning has worked well - we have not had any complaints. We are very satisfied with FabricAir's dispersion solution and we recommend them," says Technical Manager of Maintenance, Luis Catalan, Grupo El Cachirulo

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