Gıda - ZhangZiDao Cold Logistics Center, China

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ZhangZiDao Cold Logistics Center, China

Konum DaLian, LiaoNing Province
Ülke China
İş kategorisi Industrial refrigeration
Yıl 2013
Contractor Mayekawa, Japan
Kumaş türü FabricAir Combi
Color name Blauw
Kurulum Type 1 All-In-One & Type 12
Toplam hava debisi 919,080 m³/h
Akış modelleri FabricAir SonicFlow™ & JetFlow™
Architect name Engineering firm: YanTai Moon

ZhangZiDao Cold Logistics Center opened on February 18, 2014.


ZhangZiDao Cold Logistics Center is a modern and automated CO2 refrigerated cold logistics center. The building was built by Kanto Construction, Japan. The refrigeration system was supplied by Kayekawa Japan, and the evaporators by Güntner.


The total area of the cold rooms are 30,000 m2, in which over 50,000 tons of goods are stored at a temperature of -25℃. The cold center has six floors –where the cold rooms on the first four floors have a net height of 5.2 meters, the cold rooms on the fifth floor have a net height of 7.0 meters, and finally the cold rooms on the sixth floor have net height of 9.0 meters, equipped with movable shelves.


FabricAir supplied 1,200 metres of its fabric air dispersion systems for ZhangZiDao Cold Logistics Centre in order to distribute air evenly in the cold rooms that store imported seafood, meat, and other high-quality foods from all over the world.

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