22nd Mayıs 2018

UAB FabricAir has welcomed Paulius Bareika as Software Project Manager and branch manager of the soon to be established branch in Vilnius, Lithuania.

18th Mayıs 2018

When FabricAir installed the world’s first textile-based ventilation system in 1973 it heralded a whole new way of thinking within HVAC/R and indoor air quality. This expertise is now directly available through FabricAir BV.

19th Nisan 2018

21 Nisan 2008'de FabricAir Türkiye resmi olarak kuruldu, ancak Türkiye macerası bu tarihten çok önce başlıyor.

15th Mart 2018

Booth no. A01 in hall 24 is buzzing with exciting talks about air dispersion solutions and FabricAir's unique technology.

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