12 years old, and no sign of age - even in highly corrosive environments

8th Şubat 2018

This FabricAir Dispersion System was installed in 2006 and the photos were taken just two weeks ago. It looks almost new, proving that 12 years is not old when it comes to fabric-based air dispersion solutions.

In a highly corrisove environment like this indoor pool facility, FabricAir Dispersion Systems are ideal. In this environment ventilation systems are exposed to humidity and evaporation from pools. This can create serious problems with corrosion, when the ductwork is constructed from conventional materials such as galvanized steel. Using permeable fabric prevents condensation from settling on the duct and suspension, thus eliminating the risk of corrosion.

Advantages include: Quick installation, easy maintenance, even air distribution, keeping window panes free of condensation and not to forget remarkable energy savings due to low pressure.

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Solution specifics: FabFlow™, NozzFlow™, Type 13 suspension, Combi 70 fabric.

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