• Aesthetically pleasing and stable installation
  • Great for frequent wash applications
  • Flexible in high ceiling heights
type 13_suspension

Type 13 double H-rail suspension has great flexibility, making it ideal for high ceilings, larger diameter ducts and frequent laundry. The H-rail, named so because it looks like an H in the cross section, is made of anodized aluminum, making it an excellent choice for corrosive environments. Two H-rails are joined by an anodized aluminum semi-hoop that locks into the top of each rail. The semi-hoops are suspended using vertical cable drops.

Type 13 suspension packages are available with two hanging options.

The RapidSlider allows for easy installation into the rails and a seamless look for any diameter.

The plastic slider option includes evenly spaced matching sliders that fit into the rail.

The length of the straps holding the sliders can be manufactured to specification.

RapidSlider Installation Video for H-Rail

RapidSlider Installation Manual

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