Wind turbine in wintery conditions - Borealis Wind

FabricAir køber den lovende cleantech-virksomhed Borealis Wind

FabricAir acquires Borealis Wind, an innovative cleantech startup located in Waterloo, Ontario.
vertical greenhouse in Villarrobledo, Spain with FabricAir ductwork

FabricAir ducting helps achieve optimal environmental control in greenhouse project

The vertical greenhouse designed and built by Parcitank incorporates a FabricAir air distribution system, distributed across 30 levels of grow space.

FabricAir has the shortest lead time on the market!

Our standard delivery time is 3-21 days for Europe and Asia and 14-21 days for North and South America.
FabricAir fabric duct installed in a temporary office space

Innovative fabric ducting keeps employees comfortable in temporary office space

FabricAir's innovative fabric ducting solution provided an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment for employees in their temporary office.
FabricAir fabric ducting installed in the Carol Soffer Indoor Practice Facility at the University of Miami

Fabric duct design selected for improved air quality in Miami sports facility

The University of Miami in upgraded the air quality in the Carol Soffer Indoor Practice Facility with a FabricAir dispersion system.

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