Innovating the HVAC industry since 1973

Since 1973 we’ve refined our technology with two simple ideas in mind: make it better and make it easier. Our fabric-based air dispersion and distribution solutions are easy to order and easy to install, which is why over 95% of our customers do repeat business with us.

FabricAir PRO Revit add-in

Introducing our new Revit Add-In,
FabricAir PRO!

Who we are

We design and produce fabric-based air dispersion and air distribution solutions for a wide range of applications.

Our flexible and innovative working model and organization allow us to continually expand to new markets. While we are a global company, everything we do is local-focused.

Our entire production process is managed through our robust manufacturing facilities. This approach enables us to deliver products that meet your requirements for product safety, function, and design at a competitive price while ensuring the shortest lead time in the market.


With 16 subsidiaries worldwide and our partner network we supply products to 120 countries.


Our R&D department engages in strategic university relationships to ensure our commitment to innovating the HVAC industry continues to flourish.


Over 95% of our customers repeat business with us.

Shortest lead time on the market

Standard delivery time – 3-21 days, depending on project complexity and delivery country. 99,7% of all orders arrive on time.

Shortest lead time on the market


With FabricAir’s versatile system design, we offer engineered, customised solutions for a variety of applications including sports, industrial, commercial, public, grow, and sports, leisure and entertainment facilities. Whether the application is isothermal, heating, cooling or a combination thereof, we have the smart air solution for you.

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