Whistleblower Policy

Effective Date: 1st of December 2023

Purpose and Scope

This Whistleblower Policy is established to encourage the reporting of any unethical, illegal, or improper conduct within our organization. The policy is applicable to all employees, contractors, vendors, and other external partners associated with our organization across multiple countries and continents.

Reporting Mechanism

All reports of wrongdoing should be submitted through our designated Whistleblower System. This secure and confidential platform ensures the protection of whistleblowers and facilitates the efficient handling of reports.

Access the Whistleblower System – https://whistleblowersoftware.com/secure/FabricAir

Access the Whistleblower System using QR code.

How to submit a report

When you are accessing the Whistleblower System first thing you will be asked for is to choose your preferred language. Hereafter there will be a guideline, how to create a report, and how to get access and following the process of your report in the system, when it is submitted.
The report must be in writing, and you should attach all relevant documents, if any.

Protected Disclosures

This policy protects individuals reporting in good faith any known or suspected violations. Retaliation against whistleblowers is strictly prohibited, and those who report violations will not face adverse employment consequences.

Types of Violations

Reports may include, but are not limited to:
• Abuse of power
• Auditors act
• Bribery
• Competition law
• Conflict of interest
• Corruption
• Fraud
• Money laundering
• Procurement fraud
• Protection of Children
• Rights and protection of individuals
• Sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment
• Terrorism
• Unacceptable behavior

Investigation Process

All reported concerns will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. Investigations will be conducted impartially, and confidentiality will be maintained to the extent permitted by law. Whistleblowers will be informed of the outcome of the investigation, to the extent permitted by law.
Palle Jørgensen, Chairman of the Board, and Kirsten Sohnesen, CHRO, have been selected to serve as investigators for FabricAir. Either both investigators or just one can investigate a report.


Any form of retaliation against individuals who report concerns in good faith is strictly prohibited. Any employee found engaging in retaliatory actions will be subject to disciplinary measures.


As a part of the onboarding process for new employees, the organization will ensure that all employees receive information about the Whistleblower Policy. This will be conveyed through materials, and periodic reminders and updates will be circulated to maintain continuous awareness among existing employees. While there will be no formal training sessions, the organization is committed to keeping all team members informed about the Whistleblower Policy as an integral aspect of our commitment to ethical conduct and accountability.

Policy Review

This policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Contact Information

For any questions or additional information regarding this Whistleblower Policy, please contact:
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Kirsten Sohnesen
+45 5370 1215


Our organization is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. The Whistleblower Policy underscores our dedication to fostering a culture of openness and accountability. Every individual associated with the organization is encouraged to play a role in upholding these principles.