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FabricAir PRO is a Revit add-in tool that helps you to design and specify fabric-based HVAC systems in building design and construction.

Start integrating fabric ducts into your Revit designs today!


FabricAir PRO: Elevate Your HVAC Designs

FabricAir PRO is the HVAC designer’s new best friend, seamlessly integrating fabric ducting into Revit designs! This free tool empowers architects, designers, and engineers to design innovative air distribution solutions without the need for extensive software adjustments or training. This complete software solution with deep integration in Revit allows you to start designing HVAC systems in fabric faster and with fewer errors.

Expand Your Design Capabilities

Tailored for Fabric

Custom-created add-in for designing innovative fabric air distribution systems

Precise Documentation

Avoid errors and improve communication across the project team

Faster Quotes

Improves communication resulting in faster quotes with fewer revisions

Tailored for Fabric

FabricAir PRO acts as an overlay on top of Revit functionality, by simplifying the design process and ensuring that designs align with FabricAir specifications. The tool helps prevent design mistakes and accelerate the design process by providing a user-friendly interface.

FabricAir PRO integrates with FabricAir systems, leading to quicker and more accurate quotes.

  • Clear communication leads to faster quotes
  • Reduced errors
  • Enhanced project precision and ample information in the Revit file

The FabricAir PRO Revit add-in is compatible with the following Autodesk Revit versions: 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024.

How to Get Started

Step 1:

Download FabricAir PRO and install

Step 2:

Access FabricAir PRO in Revit

Step 3:

Setup FabricAir duct and diffuser families and start designing!

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