FabricAir designs, engineers, and manufactures innovative airflow solutions utilizing high quality fabric ducts

From warehouses to wind turbines, we provide air dispersion solutions for a variety of applications. Our product lines are specially designed to leverage the unique benefits and adaptability of high-tech fabrics. With over 50 years of expertise in utilizing premium textiles to engineer innovative airflow solutions, we have developed three product lines to meet the diverse needs of customers around the world. Learn more about each of them below.

FabricAir product line

FabricAir dispersion systems and specialty products are custom-engineered and manufactured from high quality materials to provide precise airflow solutions for a multitude of applications. These specialized, innovative airflow systems provide solutions for a variety of ventilation challenges including cold storage, poor indoor air quality, corrosive environments and more.

Fabric Duct Systems


Ceiling Diffusers


BorealisWind product line

BorealisWind Ice Protection products are designed to prevent ice formation on wind turbine blades to effectively maximize production for cold climate wind farms. Our patented Ice Protection System utilizes durable fabric ducts in the blades to strategically heat the blade to maximize production and protect people and property in the surrounding area from damaging ice throw.

Ice Protection System

Zip-a-duct fabric duct work

Zip-A-Duct product line

Zip-a-Duct products are simple, cost-effective air dispersion systems made from standardized sections and components. Because the components are standardized, the system is easy to design, fast to install, and less expensive than metal.


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