Up to 75 % energy savings on defrosting

The new and improved FabricAir® DefrostDuct™ increases the efficiency of cold storage air coolers.

When the evaporator reaches its defrost cycle, the duct collapses, thus effectively sealing the outlet. By preventing heat from escaping the air cooler, the efficiency of the defrost cycle is significantly increased.


Energy efficient

Energy savings of up to 75% depending on equipment and operating conditions

Efficient defrosting

Reduces defrosting time by 10% to 50%

Advanced air mixing

The added duct increases air throw, resulting in better air mixing and a more even temperature

Efficient defrosting has a positive effect on the necessary number of defrost cycles per day. Feedback from end-users verifies that the duration between defrost cycles is much longer when using FabricAir® DefrostDucts™. Depending on the model of the air cooler unit, defrosting energy consumption is reduced by 50 to 75%.

Through clever use of materials, the FabricAir® DefrostDuct™ hinders water droplets caused by the defrosting cycle from freezing on the fabric surface. Adding the duct results in a slight pressure drop causing a slight drop in supplied air volume (up to 10% depending on the fan characteristics), which is more than compensated for when considering the benefits of using the solution. Adding the duct increases air throw, resulting in a better mixing and a more even temperature, which in turn has a positive effect on the durability of the stored goods.

Danfoss, Denmark

We wanted to use a fabric solution to optimize our energy usage through lower pressure drop. FabricAir has delivered a good solution for our air transportation purposes.

In fact, we’ve ordered a slightly smaller duct for the other end of the same production facility.

Manager of GS-RBT & Senior Consultant HVAC, Danfoss Global Service

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FabricAir offers turnkey services including solution design, installation and maintenance as well as CFD analysis to ensure optimum air dispersion for your projects.

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