Perfect air distribution solutions for happy plants

In the grow industry, it is paramount to ensure proper air distribution. With our fabric-based solutions and custom engineered products, we prevent microclimates, facilitate uniform temperature and humidity within the grow space, and allow the plants to flourish through every stage of their growth cycle.

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Even air distribution

Air distributed at the needed velocity with customized linear dispersion

No microclimates

Ensuring even temperatures and uniform humidity throughout the canopy

No condensation

Fabric ducts don‘t sweat, eliminate corrosion


Ensuring the highest hygiene with no molds, mildew, or pests. Fabric ducts are easy to launder and sanitize to ensure safe and hygienic air delivery

Real Leaf Solutions, USA

“Cleaning metal duct is difficult when they are in place and taking them down would require the added costs of a contractor with the correct equipment. Laundering the fabric duct is easy and creates a more sterile environment.”

Tom Beller, Real Leaf Solutions’ Co-owner and Chief Operations Officer

Select the best solution for your indoor grow facility

Air distribution is as important as the soil in which your plants grow. Check out the components below for more information.

Duct system

Duct system is custom engineered to create the ideal fit for each application’s specific requirements. Through years of extensive research and work, we have gathered enormous experience. Below, find our suggestions for perfect air distribution in your facility.


Each application requires specific fabric properties. See our suggested fabrics below for your facility.

Flow models

Our flow models are design to meet the challenges of any application. The ideal flow model for your project is listed below.


Our suspension systems meet any installation challenge. Review the suggested suspension combinations below for your application.

Duct profiles

Our engineers tailor duct profiles to the challenges of each project. Learn more in the selection below.

We have the experience and the know how to guide you through your project