Fabric ducts for perfect indoor comfort


A FabricAir Dispersion System consists of four components: profile, fabric, flow model and suspension. These may be combined in infinite ways to match the specific requirements of any given project.

By combining the ideal solutions from each component, our expert team creates a customised air distribution system tailored to your specific needs. This approach ensures supreme air dispersion and comfort regardless of the complexity of the project requirements.


Balancing is not necessary

No diffusers, grills or dampers to balance


Permeable fabrics keeps the duct dry


Designed for maximum occupant comfort

Robust fabric duct profiles

Profiles are tailored to specific challenges


Minimum air resistance means negligible sound


FabricAir offers a wide range of standard warranties


Many pieces come together for a successful project. Choose a topic below to learn more about each duct component.

Jī-Rōz, USA

We use FabricAir dispersion solutions; contrary to metal ducts, it can blend in as well as stand out. It becomes a design feature and a conversation starter. We want to give the guests a reason to look up and the restaurant owner a way to individualize. We recommend it because of the efficiency and because it offers unique design opportunities. There are no hot spots and cold spots, there is no condensation dripping like with metal ducts, and it comes in a swoon of colors. Things do get dirty, especially in restaurants, so we love to explain to our clients that you can easily unzip that bad boy, take it home, put it in your wash, dry it and throw it back up – you can’t do that with metal!

PJ Zakas, Z-Space Design

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