We are FabricAir®

FabricAir® is a global market leader in fabric-based air distribution solutions based in Denmark.

Since creating this technology in 1973, FabricAir® has grown into a global company with subsidiaries in 16 countries and a large network of distributors, that reach customers in over 120 countries.

FabricAir® provides solutions, not just products

FabricAir® continually strives to create outstanding value for our customers, especially as indoor air quality becomes more important in our daily lives.

More than 50 years of market experience and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs guide us as we focus on expanding the use of our technology globally in an ever-increasing list of industries.

Board of Directors

In the ongoing pursuit of textile technology advancements, it’s essential to recognize the wealth of expertise and guidance offered by FabricAir’s Board of Directors. These accomplished individuals, possess a deep understanding of how FabricAir solutions impact both our customers and the broader communities they serve.

Palle Jørgensen

Chairman of the Board

Niels Valdemar Juhl

Member of the Board

Brian Refsgaard

Member of the Board

Gitte Haar

Member of the Board

Executive Management Team

FabricAir’s executive management team’s mission is to drive innovation within the HVAC industry and provide superior solutions to customers worldwide. Comprised of seasoned experts and industry visionaries, this dedicated team is committed to advancing the industry and expanding FabricAir’s ability to serve a global audience. Their leadership and expertise are instrumental in shaping the future of HVAC solutions.

Brian Refsgaard

CEO, FabricAir Group

Paulius Bareika

Chief Technology Officer

Lars Bonnichsen

Chief Financial Officer

Rūta Kairienė

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniela Roeper

Vice President, BorealisWind

Ice Protection System expert

Stig Wall

Chief Operations Officer

Kirsten Sohnesen

Chief Human Resources Officer

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