New Trampoline Park in Mumbai Enhances Experience with Innovative Fabric Ducts

A new trampoline park recently opened its doors to children aged 10 and under in Mumbai. The sprawling indoor playground offers an exhilarating array of activities, including bouncing, sliding, tumbling, and more, all within a clean, safe environment.

What sets this trampoline park apart is its commitment to providing not just thrills, but also comfort and safety. To achieve this, the park installed an innovative FabricAir duct system. These ducts, defined by their bright orange color, not only ensure comfortable, uniform air distribution but also contribute to the park’s playful ambiance.

Orange FabricAir ducts provide safe, comfortable airflow for a trampoline park for children in Mumbai.

The round FabricAir ducts feature Combi 20 fabric, a permeable, flame-retardant, Oeko-Tex 100 certified fabric. This strong and durable fabric is machine washable and is backed by a 5-year warranty. The ducts are suspended from the open ceiling using FabricAir’s Type 1 suspension with internal 360° hoops. The internal hoops ensure a consistent look even when the system is turned off.

The ducts disperse air through customized flow model patterns to provide directional air flow. SonicFlow efficiently disperses air through rows of laser cut perforations regardless of the ceiling height. With a total airflow of 31,260 CMH and a Total RMT of 90, the ducts provide optimal air circulation, maintaining a comfortable environment for young adventurers as they explore all of the park’s attractions.

The FabricAir ducts not only provide comfortable, uniform airflow throughout the space but also add aesthetic flair to the trampoline park. The bright orange color of the ducts complements the vibrant atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience for children and families alike. With its innovative approach to air distribution and commitment to creating a dynamic yet safe space, the new trampoline park in Mumbai is poised to become a favorite destination for young thrill-seekers.

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