No Sweat – Tackling Condensation with Fabric Ducts in a Gym

When persistent condensation from the metal HVAC system damaged the gym floor at Sunnyside High School in Tucson, Arizona, they knew they needed to make a change.

The solution would not only need to address the condensation issue in the warm, humid space but prevent it from happening again. The school selected Midstate Mechanical, LLC to find and install a cost-effective, efficient system to replace the metal ductwork. They also faced a tight timeline because the new HVAC system needed be installed before the new flooring.

Blue FabricAir ducts are installed in the Sunnyside High School gym in Tucson, Arizona

Considering these challenges, fabric ducts emerged as an optimal solution, offering multiple advantages:

  • Resistance to condensation
  • Fast installation
  • Aesthetic appeal

FabricAir offers a variety of fabrics to meet the needs of any application. Combi 70 fabric was selected for the project for its permeability. Permeable fabrics prevent condensation from forming on the duct, effectively avoiding damage to the floor below. The custom designed and engineered cloud shaped duct was suspended from the ceiling utilizing parallel cables made from PVC coated stainless steel which is ideal for corrosive environments.

A combination of airflow models provided uniform, draft-free airflow throughout the space. FabFlow distributes air throughout the surface of the duct which also prevents dust and other debris from settling on the surface, making it virtually maintenance-free. OriFlow is a directional flow model where air exits the duct through rows of laser-cut orifices to reach the occupied area of the space.

Additionally, unlike their metal counterparts, fabric ducts are lightweight, streamlining and expediting transportation and installation of the system. The bright blue duct matches school colors enhancing the look of the space.

Upon completion of the project, Jeremy Ettesvold, at Midstate Mechanical was pleased with the process and the results. “The ease of installation and attractiveness of the fabric duct is far more superior to conventional ductwork.”

Fabric ducts are ideal for any application, ensuring comfortable indoor air quality that is energy efficient and can be delivered and installed quickly and easily without specialized tools or labor.


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