Join us at REBUILD 2024 in Madrid

FabricAir will exhibit at the 2024 REBUILD Expo in hall 9, stand 9A113, 19 – 21 March at IFEMA Madrid. As a pioneer in the HVAC industry for over 50 years, the FabricAir team will showcase our innovative fabric-based HVAC solutions tailored for a multitude of applications. Architects and building designers, will be particularly interested to experience FabricAir’s solutions for their versatile design options and aesthetic qualities that complement any interior design.

With a rich history of innovation, FabricAir has elevated the HVAC industry with fabric duct solutions. From restaurants and libraries to industrial facilities, FabricAir ducts offer unmatched versatility and efficiency, providing uniform air distribution for optimal comfort and air quality. The REBUILD Expo in Madrid is an ideal opportunity to highlight our hygienic, sustainable HVAC technology and its ability to meet the diverse needs of modern construction projects, aligning perfectly with the needs of architects and building designers.

Expo attendees will also have the opportunity to see a demonstration of our new Revit Add-In, FabricAir PRO! This helpful tool allows HVAC designers and engineers to design air dispersion systems with confidence. FabricAir PRO helps avoid errors and improves communication across the entire project team.

With extensive experience custom designing and engineering fabric duct systems, FabricAir’s experts collaborate closely with architects and building designers to deliver tailored solutions that ensure both functional performance and aesthetic appeal. Visitors to the FabricAir stand, will have the opportunity to talk with FabricAir’s team and explore the latest advancements in sustainable HVAC technology. FabricAir duct systems enhance the architectural and design elements of any project. Don’t miss the chance to find out how FabricAir can elevate your next building project with innovative air dispersion solutions at the REBUILD expo in Madrid!


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