Omeraki Restaurant, Spain


Following his successful culinary career and the publication of his influential book “Cocina de resistencia” in 2021, renowned chef Alberto Chicote has launched new culinary venture with the opening of Omeraki, his new restaurant located in the center of Madrid.



Combi 80


Type 01, All-in-One (AiO)

Total airflow

2 x 4, 260 m3/h

Flow models

SonicFlow and MicroFlow

In his quest to create a unique gastronomic experience, the Omeraki restaurant not only focused on culinary excellence but also demonstrated its commitment to energy efficiency and renewable/ecological energy sources. In addition to solar panels that supply the restaurant’s lighting, the restaurant also opted for a fabric air dispersion system to achieve efficient climate control, reflecting its concern for the environment and its ongoing search for sustainable solutions.

The space required an HVAC system that would not only harmoniously blend with the surroundings but also ensure a high level of comfort for both diners and staff. To achieve this fusion of functionality and aesthetics, the decision was made to install a FabricAir duct system.


The expert engineers at FabricAir managed the custom design process, developing a fabric duct system that would adapt to and seamlessly blend with the space. The versatile nature of the fabric allowed it to be installed through the roof structure while ensuring a draft-free environment. The fabric air dispersion system is also virtually noiseless, ensuring the comfort of restaurant guests and the well-being of employees. The restaurant’s interior decoration also included suspended ceiling elements which posed a challenge. The airflow needed to be precisely engineered to make sure these elements did not move while the system was operating.

The fabric duct system was manufactured in our Combi 80 material, which is antibacterial and washable. The airflow utilizes a combination of SonicFlow and MicroFlow diffusion patterns to provide uniform air distribution, tailored to the specific needs of the space. Additionally, the Type 1 suspension with All-in-One ensures that the ducts maintain their round shape even when no air is circulating inside.


The implementation of the solution resulted in the installation of 25 meters of custom engineered gray textile ducts, which seamlessly integrated with the elegant and modern aesthetics of the restaurant.

The new duct system for this Michelin starred restaurant has created energy efficient climate control that contributes to a pleasurable culinary experience for all visitors. This project serves as a clear example of how innovative technology can blend with aesthetics to create an optimal environment where details matter as much as the culinary experience itself.