FabricAir NozzFlow™

NozzFlowTM is used in applications where very precise directional airflow is needed. The discharge coefficient is almost at unity due to the shape of the nozzle. This results in higher discharge velocities than an equivalently sized orifice, and longer more directional throws. 

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Çıkış hızı7,0 to 20,0 m/s [1,378 to 3,937 fpm]
SurfaceNozzles 18,0 mm [0.70"] diameter


FabricAir has many different flow models that can be divided into two main categories: linear and surface flow models. Linear flow models will have a row(s) of air distribution, whereas surface flow models will utilize much more of the surface area of the duct to release the air into the space.... Read more

FabricAir, tüm zorlukların üstesinden gelmek için herhangi bir projede ideal hava dağılımı oluşturmak için  çeşitli akış modellerini birleştirerek... Read more

Rows of flow models are placed at the desired position (indicated using a clock dial) around the circumference. The position is flexible. FabricAir engineers help design the optimum position for each application.
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