Reimagining HVAC: Benefits and Applications of Fabric Ducts

By Paula Pacio Teso, Marketing Coordinator, Spain

In the ever-evolving HVAC industry, innovation plays a crucial role in meeting increasing demands for improved air quality and durable, sustainable solutions. Through consistent innovation based on in-depth research and development by HVAC experts around the world, fabric ducts have emerged as a preferred solution. Fabric-based air dispersion systems consist of 4 components:


Custom-engineered fabric duct systems offer a variety of advantages over traditional metal systems including:

1. Efficient and Even Air Distribution: Fabric ducts are custom designed for the space and application to provide precise air distribution throughout the conditioned area. Permeable fabrics and flow patterns designed specifically for the use of the space ensure consistent, draft-free airflow to provide optimal comfort for occupants.

2. Aesthetics and Customization: Fabric ducts offer an attractive and modern aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any environment. Customizable colors, patterns, and logos make them stand out or blend in with the aesthetics of any space, complementing or enhancing the existing interior design.

4. Fast and Simple Installation: Fabric ducts are lightweight and flexible, facilitating fast transportation to the job site. And, compared to conventional metal ducts, their assembly is quicker and does not require special tools or skilled labor which can save time and installation costs. Additionally, fabric duct systems come equipped with integrated air diffusion models, eliminating the need for separate system balancing. This enables a ready-to-operate system in typically just a few days.

5. Noise Reduction: Fabric air dispersion systems are virtually noiseless due to the minimal resistance from the fabric. The fabric ducts possess superior acoustic properties that help reduce noise and echoes in most environments, creating quieter and more comfortable spaces for occupants.

6. Sustainability: Fabric ducts are machine washable and made from durable fabrics making them a long-lasting solution. Additionally, their lightweight nature contributes to reduced costs and carbon emissions during transportation and installation. Fabric ducts are highly versatile and adapt to a wide range of applications and environments.

In addition to the numerous advantages that fabric-based HVAC systems can provide, they are suitable for a variety of applications.

Industrial Applications:.

Manufacturing Plants: Thanks to their permeable and draft-free characteristics, fabric ducts provide even air distribution, avoiding temperature gradients that lead to overheating or uneven cooling. This helps maintain a consistent and comfortable environment for occupants, translating into a more productive and safer environment. Moreover, the fast installation minimizes downtime in operations and reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Warehouses and Logistics Centers: Fabric ducts provide efficient and comfortable climate control in warehouses, optimizing inventory management and employee comfort. In these spaces, fabric duct systems allow the installation of long linear lengths, reaching up to 100 meters, in remarkably short times.

Commercial Applications:


Offices and Shopping Centers: Fabric ducts are ideal for occupied spaces like offices where aesthetics and comfort are crucial for creating a productive and pleasant work environment. Semi-circular fabric ducts offer easier integration into spaces with lower ceiling heights. Their customizable design seamlessly integrates into the aesthetics and interior design of commercial spaces, making them an attractive option for building owners seeking a climate control solution that combines functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, their ability to reduce noise and vibration contributes to a quieter and more relaxed ambiance, enhancing user experience.

Hotels and Restaurants: In the hospitality industry, fabric ducts bring a sophisticated aesthetic approach and comfortable climate control that significantly improves guest experiences. Additionally, these ducts offer the possibility to create a “wine cellar” effect, particularly suitable and attractive for implementation in restaurants.

Public Applications:

FabricAir ducts installed in Neveronys Kindergarten


Educational Institutions: In schools and universities, fabric ducts provide uniform, quiet airflow, creating a comfortable learning environment conducive to academic performance. Furthermore, the absence of particle shedding in these ducts contributes to improved indoor air quality, and their homogeneous distribution facilitates CO2 control for effective air renewal.

Hospitals and Healthcare Centers: Air quality is crucial in healthcare settings. Fabric ducts help maintain efficient distribution of clean air, promoting a hygienic and healthy environment for patients and medical staff. Fabric ducts are made from certified and washable textile materials with antibacterial properties, ensuring optimal and easy maintenance. Moreover, their color and pattern customization capabilities allow the design to integrate into public spaces, creating environments conducive to well-being and recovery.

Sports and Entertainment Applications:

Gyms and Sports Centers: In sports facilities, fabric ducts ensure proper ventilation and pleasant temperatures for athletes to perform their best. Engineers custom engineer airflow to prevent the recirculation of stale air and eliminate odors. This ensures an optimal and comfortable environment for users of these facilities. In pool environments, fabric ducts are resistant to chemicals and condensation and avoid excessive air speeds that could make swimmers uncomfortable.

Stadiums and Event Centers: In large venues that host vast numbers of guests for sporting matches, concerts, and other events, fabric ducts provide efficient climate control. Fabric-based HVAC adapts well to spaces with high ceilings and complex roof lines that require lightweight, adaptable solutions that generate exceptionally long throws of air to reach occupants throughout the space.

For more than 50 years, fabric ducts proven to be a versatile, innovative solution in the HVAC industry, offering significant benefits in efficiency, aesthetics, and sustainability. Their broad range of applications and adaptability to different environments make them a smart choice for enhancing air quality, comfort in any space, and improving energy efficiency.


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