Shaping the future of fabric-based HVAC

FabricAir continues to build on its more than 50-year history of innovating the HVAC industry as we offer customized products and solutions. Our history and expertise position us as industry leaders today and tomorrow.

We focus on people as our products and services make their lives better. We create game-changing fabric-based air distribution technologies that help to provide ideal air quality in new buildings or improve existing environments where people work, live and play. In a constantly developing world, we explore opportunities to change existing mindsets by demonstrating the upside of innovative HVAC solutions.

Fabric duct pioneers

FabricAir is the pioneer of fabric-based solutions in the HVAC industry. While the need for innovative and alternative air distribution solutions arose in 1973 for food processing facilities, it did not stop there. From the very beginning, our founders and exceptional engineers stretched their limits by producing customized solutions for various applications.

Today, fabric-based innovations are installed in virtually any application, from schools and office buildings to large industrial warehouses and manufacturing facilities, and more. Every day, we push the limits in finding new innovative approaches to air distribution and ways to solve challenging issues.

FabricAir scientific organizations

All customers benefit from our strong relationship with scientific institutions to create the best innovative solutions for the market.

We work with the Technical University of Denmark, the Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania and Galician Institute of Technology in Spain, where we are also one of the founding members of the Indoor Air Quality Cluster. We ensure that our products are fully scientifically researched by international scientists and certified by approved third-party laboratories.

In-house professionals

At FabricAir, deep expertise is a core strength. Our team consists of many skilled industry professionals, from factory workers to engineers. Most importantly, we are proud to have a pool of highly educated in-house research and development scientists who strive to create and develop innovative fabric-based solutions.

Over 70% of our R&D professionals are Doctors of Science and are active in the scientific community.

Research and Development Lab

We take innovation seriously. And innovative products require a state-of-the-art research and development facility, which FabricAir has built in-house. Our Research & Development Lab is equipped with an advanced ventilation system enabling us to control the temperature and humidity levels in both the supply air and in the lab. The system is used to test our products with air.

A wide variety of measuring instruments allows us to further robustly test our products and develop prototypes. The testing capabilities comprise measurements of airflow, pressure loss, air distribution temperature, velocity fields and many more. The airflow is visualized using smoke and laser technologies. Fast and creative design development is ensured by a 3D printing ability. The facility makes it possible for ideas to materialize via thorough testing.

Testing Lab

Our in-house Materials Testing Lab is dedicated to quality control of materials already used in production and to the evaluation of the properties and applicability of new materials during the research and development phase. The lab is adequately equipped with modern analytical instruments and a competent team.

Physical and mechanical tests to assess the quality of materials are being used. These tests include evaluation of structure parameters of materials, mechanical properties (strength, tear, bursting, etc), air permeability, flammability of materials and others. Lab sets product quality standards and ensures that the standards are met.