Welcome to FabricAir

We wish to attract, motivate, and develop the most talented and dedicated employees. If you wish to join our team, please apply for one of our careers.

FabricAir as an employer

FabricAir is a global fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer that originated in Denmark in 1973. Our company has been evolving ever since, opening 14 subsidiaries worldwide with a vast network of distributors and reaching clients in over 120 countries. We value our employees because they are the reason we excel in our industry and contribute to the growth of the company.

What we believe in

We deliver on promises

We honor our clients by delivering with the promises

Future of HVAC

Fabric-based solutions will be the future of the HVAC industry

Working for one purpose

We are one global team, working for one purpose

What we do

At FabricAir, our mission is to provide solutions – not just products – that create outstanding value to our customers, beyond what any traditional or conventional ventilation solution has ever done. Based on a deep regional understanding of our customers’ needs and vast international experience, we focus on expanding the use of our technology globally.

Let us inspire you

FabricAir can offer you to be part of a global company with 50 years of experience in creating outstanding value to our customers, beyond what any traditional or conventional ventilation solution have ever done.

Have a look at our open vacancies and if the right one for you is not there, then connect with us instead and let’s stay in touch.

What we offer you

International team of professionals

FabricAir has 15 subsidiaries worldwide, covering five continents and hundreds of experienced professionals who are always ready to share their experience and knowledge.

Personal growth

FabricAir values new ideas and innovations, so you can be a part of a growing company and exceed not just clients’ expectations, but your own limits.

Work & Life Balance

We believe our employees build our company, therefore, physically and mentally healthy employees are of the most importance. And that comes from a work-life balance that is easily achievable, with opportunities to work from our international offices or remotely, depending on the position.

Meet our people

Brian Refsgaard
CEO, FabricAir Group

For more than 50 years we’ve refined our technology with two simple ideas in mind: make it better and make it easier. Our systems are easy to order and easy to install, which is why our customers consider us reliable and easy to do business with.

Philip Daugherty
Engineering Manager, FabricAir, Inc.

Innovative & environmentally friendly fabric technology is the core of our product; but the secret to our added value is our people. We’re a solution provider that’s easy to do business with.

Fikret Şahin
General Manager, FabricAir Türkiye A.Ş.

Sound dialogue is the quickest route to the ideal solution. That’s why we have highly skilled colleagues and distributors all over the world close to our customers. In fact, we have more than a thousand years of accumulated experience in the latest air engineering technology. We’re here to help no matter where you are. Local support in local languages makes us easy to do business with.