Solution design

We approach every project in two ways. First, we listen to our customers and design a solution in accordance with the specific requirements.

Second, upon request, we can provide our recommendation, based on many years of experience in different applications. Then, we design a tailored made solution that our engineers believe will be the best fit for the facility.


The FabricAir® CFD Service is the best way to demonstrate the efficiency of air dispersion solutions.

Each report is custom-made to the customer, analyzing their specific needs and taking into account the specific requirements and conditions of the project. A CFD analysis can prove that a fabric duct with the correct engineering will remedy any ventilation challenge.

Our satisfied customers

Lasse Larsson
Managing Director, Malmö Mässan

We maintain a satisfactory indoor climate under all kinds of conditions, and the fabric ducts in the halls work perfectly. We cannot imagine a better solution!

PJ Zakas
Z-Space Design

We use FabricAir dispersion solutions; contrary to metal ducts, it can blend in as well as stand out. It becomes a design feature and a conversation starter. We want to give the guests a reason to look up and the restaurant owner a way to individualize. We recommend it because of the efficiency and because it offers unique design opportunities. There are no hot spots and cold spots, there is no condensation dripping like with metal ducts, and it comes in a swoon of colors. Things do get dirty, especially in restaurants, so we love to explain to our clients that you can easily unzip that bad boy, take it home, put it in your wash, dry it and throw it back up – you can’t do that with metal!

Robert Vogrig
Air Conditioning Systems P/L.

A FabricAir solution made perfect sense for this application for a number of the usual reasons being that the solution is light weight and architecturally attractive, while delivering large air volumes comfortable for the occupants. It is yet another project to add to our expanding number of both marquee and hospitality applications.

Tom Beller
Real Leaf Solutions’ Co-owner and Chief Operations Officer

Cleaning metal duct is difficult when they are in place and taking them down would require the added costs of a contractor with the correct equipment. Laundering the fabric duct is easy and creates a more sterile environment

Sarper Altun
Technical Manager, NovaMed Gmbh

Since the day we started using the FabricAir system, we have had no problems complying with the Class 100,000 Cleanroom standard. It is a sign that we have made a right decision. When we examined FabricAir’s products, we deduced that it would be the most effective solution for us. Also, easy washing and cleaning is an excellent feature for companies that have to produce in a sterile environment like ours. We have new investments and projects on the agenda and we plan to use FabricAir dispersion solutions for these.

We have the experience and the know how to guide you through your project