An aesthetic solution that creates a perfect indoor environment

Offices usually become like a second home to employees who spend at least a quarter of their day at work. Therefore, it is essential to use an air distribution solution that keeps them comfortable, healthy and efficient. Fabric-based solutions can deliver these qualities in large open offices or closed-up, low-ceiling ones.

We have the experience and the know how to guide you through your project

Even air distribution

Distributes air evenly throughout work spaces

Long lifespan

Proven durability for decades to come

Aesthetic solution

Our fabric-based solutions can be printed in any color and integrated into a wholesome design

Virtually noiseless

Does not create additional unpleasant sounds

SystemairHSK, Turkey

“FabricAir has helped our employees in every phase of the project from design to installation. We have satisfied our customers by offering an air distribution system that looks stylish and also made our job easier due to its installation advantages. Both we and our customer are satisfied with the results.”

Veli Zengin, Manager of Kuralpan Mechanical Company

Select the best air distribution solution for best work experience

Keep your employees happy and office stylish. Check out the components below for more information.

Duct system

Duct system is custom engineered to create the ideal fit for each application’s specific requirements. Through years of extensive research and work, we have gathered enormous experience. Below, find our suggestions for perfect air distribution in your facility.


Each application requires specific fabric properties. See our suggested fabrics below for your facility.

Flow models

Our flow models are design to meet the challenges of any application. The ideal flow model for your project is listed below.


Our suspension systems meet any installation challenge. Review the suggested suspension combinations below for your application.

Duct profiles

Our engineers tailor duct profiles to the challenges of each project. Learn more in the selection below.

Other products

Check out below additional solutions for this application.

The FabricAir® VarioDuct™ provides different flow models for cooling and/or heating purposes. It is tailored with an internal membrane that separates the two airflows.

Ceiling Diffusers

FabricAir® Ceiling Diffusers are fully insulated, they prevent energy loss, eliminate any risk of condensation and are therefore suitable for isothermal or cooling conditions, and can be deployed for supply and extract air.

We have the experience and the know how to guide you through your project