The Perfect Air Duct Solution for Leading European Manufacturer

The team at FabricAir has developed a customized air distribution system for Agoform, a renowned manufacturer of thermoformed drawer inserts. The family-owned company, founded in 1928 is considered the inventor of the thermoformed cutlery insert and is the European market leader in this segment – producing more than five million drawer inserts per year. In the large-scale production halls, there was an urgent need to mitigate the heat generated by the high-performance machines. The facility manager turned to FabricAir to design the new system.

Attractive Solution for a Demanding Production Environment

FabricAir Sales Engineer, Heike Kues, took on the challenge and designed an efficient system that fully meets the thermal requirements. Together with the plant constructor DeTec GmbH, seven fabric air ducts were installed, reaching lengths of up to 27,000 mm with diameters up to 560 mm. The air ducts were installed using the Type 8 suspension system – a single-row aluminum rail with an innovative All-in-One system (180° form hanger), a popular choice for its easy installation and maintenance. The visual integration of the systems into the industrial environment was achieved by choosing an appealing dark gray color, which not only convinces aesthetically but also functionally. The company logo printed on the ducts is a subtle addition to strengthen the customer’s brand identity.

As the first warm rays of sun warm up the hall this spring, the system will be put into operation to effectively cool down the production rooms without creating drafts. This guarantees that employees can perform at their best under optimal conditions – and remain comfortable even on hot summer days.


Sustainability and Commitment to the Environment

At a time when there are increasingly complex demands on air conditioning, FabricAir provides innovative, energy efficient ventilation solutions that improve comfort and indoor air quality. Sustainability is becoming an important concern for companies and therefore has become an integral part of their business strategy. FabricAir air duct systems are not only powerful but also environmentally friendly.

The adiabatic cooling technology used in the customized solution from FabricAir and DeTec GmbH is an example of exemplary ecologically sustainable practices. FabricAir is committed to pushing the boundaries of fabric-based HVAC technology and providing our customers with the most advanced solutions. Adaptability and inventiveness will continue to be the keys to success in a rapidly growing industry.


Are you looking for an efficient, innovative, and reliable solution for your facility? Our team of experienced experts is ready to help you find the ideal air distribution system for your specific requirements. Contact us today to arrange a personal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and shaping the future together!


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