Fabric Ducts: Optimizing Indoor Climate in Gyms

When it comes to gyms, the quality of indoor air is essential for a pleasant and effective workout, especially with multiple people training in a limited space simultaneously. To address this challenge, FabricAir offers an innovative textile air distribution system that provides numerous advantages for gyms.

One example of the effectiveness of FabricAir’s solution can be seen in a renowned gym in Hanover, Germany. This gym, known for its diverse courses and professional coaching, has optimized its training experience by implementing a custom indoor air concept with the help of FabricAir sales engineer, Heike Kues.

The gym installed two textile air distribution systems, each measuring 36 meters in length, and one system measuring 6 meters. These systems were strategically installed over fitness equipment, such as ergometers, rowing machines, treadmills, cross trainers, and in the weight room to ensure optimal air supply in each training area. This setup addresses not only endurance but also the oxygen balance which is important for an effective workout.

FabricAir’s textile ducts offer several advantages over traditional metal ducts. The ducts’ lighter and more flexible nature allows for easy installation and adaptation to the building’s conditions, reducing operational effort and associated costs. In addition, the black fabric complements the gym’s existing ceiling, creating a consistent aesthetic.

FabricAir’s fabric duct solution is installed in a gym in Hanover, Germany. The black fabric duct is suspended from the ceiling using cables to provide comfortable indoor air quality to the gym members.

Gyms that prioritize indoor air quality find textile ducts to be an ideal solution. With FabricAir’s system, the air quality and airflow can be perfectly tailored to meet the needs of gym members, enhancing their overall training experience.

The gym in Hanover is just one example of how gyms worldwide are increasingly choosing textile air distribution systems to achieve the best indoor climate for their members. By leveraging these innovative textile ducts, gyms can create a more inviting and comfortable environment for all their training areas.

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