Innovative fabric duct solution transforms SWD A. Hock's air quality

SWD A. Hock is an established supplier of ball bearings, roller bearings, machine tools, drive technology, measuring technology, occupational safety items, and electric and hand tools. This product range requires a large sales and storage area. After moving to Weiterstadt in Hesse, Germany in 2019, an existing problem intensified – indoor air in the area was uncomfortable for customers and employees.

In addition to craftsmen, large industrial, mechanical engineering, and food companies, as well as energy suppliers, also purchase from SWD. Therefore, it was important to install a high-quality air distribution system that meets the highest technical and design standards. The company decided to collaborate with FabricAir to improve the indoor air with a textile air distribution system.

Customized heating and cooling with fabric duct

FabricAir’s Varioduct fabric duct solution is shown in the SWD A. Hock sales room in dark gray featuring nozzles and laser cut perforations precisely designed for temperature control that elevates indoor air quality in areas that require heating and cooling solutions.

The FabricAir team, led by sales engineer Heike Kues, developed a custom solution. Since the entrance area was exposed to both cold and warm outside air due to a nearby outside door, fabric duct utilizing NozzFlow was installed to create an air curtain. The suspension from the ceiling incorporated an H-rail with adjustable cable. The textile ducts are each 8.5 meters long, have a diameter of 315 mm, and distribute around 1,920 m³/h of air throughout the system. FabricAir‘s All-In-One solution ensures the shape retention of the air ducts, even when the system is not in operation.

Comfort for customers and employees

In the main sales room, which is most frequently used by both customers and employees, the supply of fresh indoor air is particularly important. For the room height of approximately five meters and the trapezoidal sheet metal roof, FabricAir VarioDuct was the ideal solution. The two VarioDuct channels have a diameter of 400 mm and a length of 14 meters and 18.5 meters, respectively. The advantage of VarioDuct is that the air distribution can be individually adapted to the respective project requirements. The system can heat or cool as needed and distribute about 2,160 m³/h of air per outlet. A Belimo motor at the entrance allows for quick and efficient adjustment of the sewn-in membrane, which can be adapted depending on the season and needs.

The integrated all-in-one system makes operation even simpler and more comfortable. The entire system was mounted on an aluminum H-rail and tool-free adjustable rope hangers to ensure reliable and flexible installation.

Half round fabric duct provides full airflow

The low ceiling height of about two meters in the warehouse area was also not a problem. The FabricAir team chose semi-circular or D-shaped textile ducts with a T-rail to maintain a low profile without sacrificing airflow. With a length of 15 meters and a base width of 315 mm, the half-round ducts were optimally integrated into the room. In the warehouse, 912 m³/h of air is now distributed evenly without drafts.

The managing director of SWD A. Hock GmbH, Klaus Schledt, is thrilled with the performance of the air distribution solution. “I would use FabricAir air ducts again at any time,” says Schledt. “We were surprised at how well the air ducts blend into the overall space and how quickly and draft-free the air is distributed in the sales rooms.” He was also impressed by the easy assembly and disassembly for cleaning.

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