Eliminating overheating issues with fabric ducts

Richter, a manufacturer of precision tools, has noticed that there is a severe lack of a proper air dispersion system in their production facilities in Germany. The temperature in the production plant was constantly reaching extremely levels and the working conditions were sometimes unbearable. As a result, the company decided to renovate its premises and install FabricAir air distribution solutions.

Employees working in the factory premises found it difficult to stay on the job for long periods of time, especially when outside temperatures rose.  Because of that, workers had to open doors and gates on different sides of the building to let fresh air in.

However, the draughts created and the sudden changes in indoor temperature were not only detrimental to workers’ health but also disrupted the highly sensitive toolmaking equipment, which brought production to a halt. When Richter decided to install a new air distribution system in the production area, it did not hesitate to turn to FabricAir to design a top-quality ventilation system capable of distributing the air evenly throughout the room and consistent level of temperature.

“Our client’s work premises were covered with a metal trapezoidal roof, which heated up badly on hot days and transferred all the heat indoors. To eliminate this problem, we had to design an air distribution system that would provide a comfortable working environment even in extreme temperatures. We are pleased that our engineers have succeeded in achieving this so that from now on, both employees and equipment will no longer suffer from extreme heat or drafts,” says Serud Ahmad, Country Manager at FabricAir Germany and Austria.

In order to create a perfect air distribution system for this particular project, FabricAir engineers chose dark gray Combi 20 fabric for the ducts that were installed with MicroFlow and SonicFlow flow models, ensuring uniform air delivery throughout all surroundings. In addition, the system had to be installed during operational hours and the simplicity of the suspension system allowed it to be done very swiftly and not cause the production to halt. Now, even on the hottest days, the employees will feel comfortable at their workplace.

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