Delivering a custom HVAC solution in just over one week

FabricAir, a leading manufacturer of fabric-based HVAC systems, recently completed a project for Böhler Aerospace. Böhler required a customized air dispersion system that ensured uniform and draft-free air distribution throughout the facilities.

The parts produced by Böhler Aerospace are temperature sensitive, therefore, the surrounding air quality must be strictly monitored to prevent temperature fluctuations. FabricAir engineers developed a complete custom solution that met all the company’s requirements and delivered the whole system within 9 days.

FabricAir in Bohler Aerospace facility

“We understand the importance of maintaining a stable environment for our clients’ sensitive operations. I am proud that our team can deliver customized solutions that ensure uniform and draft-free air distribution, effectively eliminating temperature fluctuation and other air quality quickly and efficiently,” says Serud Ahmad, Country Manager for FabricAir’s German and Austrian operations.

The duct was designed in dark grey Combi fabric combined with our exclusive flow models to achieve ideal airflow throughout the facilities. Additionally, the ducts featured 360° hoops, which maintain the shape of the ducts even when the system is turned off.

Overall, FabricAir provided Böhler Aerospace with a highly efficient solution that met all their needs and exceeded their expectations.


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