Perfect air distribution for Guinness World Record awarded event venue

Internal air quality is essential, especially in large event venues that have a huge capacity for occupants.

Just recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia built a world-class, multipurpose event venue Jeddah Superdome, which was registered in the Guinness World Records for having the largest geodesic dome in the world. Naturally, the owners of the building wanted the best air distribution system for their luxurious building, so they chose FabricAir’s solutions.

Described as Saudi Arabia’s “most prestigious event venue”, the Jeddah Superdome contributes to the Kingdom’s trade, culture, and tourism development. “This project is a huge recognition not just for FabricAir, but for fabric-based air distribution solutions in general.

It shows, that even the best developers around the world trust our solutions and choose them over conventional ducts in luxurious, iconic, and award-winning projects worldwide”, says Fikret Sahin, Managing Director at FabricAir Turkey A.Ş.

FabricAir engineering professionals tailored a state-of-the-art air distribution system, that consists of 2331 (7,647 feet) meters of dark grey fabric ducts. The draft-free air distribution solution is implemented with JetFlow and FabFlow airflow patterns and will supply a total airflow of 4.000.000 m³/h.

Because the venue will host massive international events, the client chose Combi 70 fabric, which is certified for cleanrooms and associated controlled environments for cleanliness class 3. As the venue was being built during covid-19 and a low season, the possibility of delivering the project in the shortest amount of time was also essential. After the quote was issued, the whole air distribution system was delivered on-site in less than two weeks.

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