Two air distribution systems for one multi-purpose sports arena

The owners of a newly built sports arena in Lithuania have decided to install the most modern technologies to ensure that all visitors feel comfortable and safe. Among other areas, special attention was paid to air distribution systems that would not only ensure high indoor air quality but also help reduce energy consumption. To achieve this, the arena owners turned to FabricAir.

The SWIFT Arena is a 3455 m2 sports facility in Mažeikiai that has many separate zones for different activities: 2 tennis courts, 2 padel courts, 2 beach volleyball courts, 1 3v3 basketball court, and even a swimming pool with a spa and saunas.

As the types of sports areas in the arena varied considerably, FabricAir’s engineers had to design two separate air dispersion systems – one for aquatics, the other for the active sports areas. “This is a truly exceptional project, where the fabric ducts blend seamlessly into the interior design. But most importantly, they ensure perfect air dispersion in all areas of the sports arena, regardless of whether there is high humidity or not”, says Paulius Šarapnickis, Sales Engineer at FabricAir.

The first air distribution system was developed for the sports area and has Combi 30 dark grey ducts with OriFlow flow models. The Type 1 360° system was used to suspend the ducts and allows to maintain the shape of the ducts even when the system is not in operation. The second system was designed for a swimming pool and spa area. Engineers designed Ø400 mm Combi 20 dark grey ducts with SonicFlow flow models. This system was suspended by Type 3 suspension and also uses 360° shape retention options so that even with the system off, the ducts would maintain their appearance. The total supply air volume for both systems is 15 500m³/h.

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