Flow models for every application

FabricAir flow models are an intricate part for fully customizing dispersion systems tailored to your specific needs.

Features & Benefits

Tailored to your needs

Ideal airflow achieved regardless of project complexity


Maximizes occupant comfort

Flexible zoning

Customizes requirements from room to room

Combining flow models create ideal air distribution

FabricAir provides many different flow models to meet the specific demands of any project. While the appropriate flow model depends on several project-specific factors, rest assured no matter what the requirements for your application, FabricAir has the flow model to fit your needs.

By combining flow models, the ideal airflow is achieved regardless of the project complexity. It is this flexibility in design that makes a FabricAir Dispersion System, a so-called Smart Air Solution.

Primary Flow

Directional Flow

Directional flow models have a row or more of air distribution placed along the length of the duct at any desired position to deliver the air exactly where it is needed. FabricAir offers many air distribution types that can be combined as necessary to achieve the desired air distribution patterns.

Secondary Flow

Surface Flow

Surface flow models distribute the air through the surface of the duct either through permeable fabrics or microperforations covering a minimum of 25% of the surface. Surface flow technology is often used to prevent dust and other particles from accumulating inside or on the duct’s surface, making it virtually maintenance-free. Surface technology also prevents condensation from forming in or around the duct’s near zone.

Other components

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