Company news

School in Austria gets equipped with fabric air solution for the better health safety of children
30th June 2021

Even though the global Covid-19 pandemic is retreating, it is still around. Despite that, countries worldwide are opening their education facilities and Austria is not an exemption. Schools are preparing their premises with the most advanced technologies that could add to the health safety of children coming back to the classrooms. One of them - Lehranstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung sowie Lebensmittel- und Biotechnologie (HBLFA) in Strass, Austria. This school trusted FabricAir, a leading fabric-based air distribution solutions manufacturer, with a new ventilation system for classrooms.

Solving car wash humidity issues with FabricAir air distribution systems
4th May 2021


Fabric-based air distribution systems slowly but steadily find the way into the various businesses. One of the many areas that fabric ducting is especially valued – high humidity environment. FabricAir, a pioneer of fabric air distribution solutions, has nearly 50 years of experience in business and encountered many cases where humidity and its side effects had to be managed by fabric ducting systems. Because of that, North American industry-leading car wash operator Tommy Car Wash Systems chose FabricAir to develop and implement the best air distribution systems for their car wash tunnels.

Air dispersion system that contributes to high-quality life of seniors
29th April 2021

Retiring can sometimes be a little stressful, that is why one company in Denmark decided to adapt the Swedish concept of a senior housing complex where every person could enjoy their lives. Bovieran built a housing complex with a tropical garden under a glass roof. One of the key elements for the project was a perfect air quality for its residents and air distribution that would eliminate condensation from the glass roof. Therefore, Sjælsø Management, a contractor for Bovieran, contacted FabricAir, a global air distribution solution provider, to create a tailored ventilation system for several of its building complexes.

FabricAir ducting solutions maximized yields potential in cannabis grow facility
26th April 2021

A North American cannabis grow operation Real Leaf Solutions had issues with its conventional air distribution system as it was damaging its produce. The company was looking for alternative solutions and reached out to FabricAir, a global company that is operating in the United States and manufacturing innovative air distribution solutions for nearly 30 years. Extensive experience in previous grow projects impressed Real Leaf Solutions, so facility decided to choose FabricAir as its partner and install various ducting solutions that not just helped plants to flourish but also created increased staff comfort and productivity.

FabricAir solutions will ensure the quality environment for chocolatiers in Thailand
15th April 2021

A chocolate factory in Thailand reached out to FabricAir, a global air distribution solutions provider,  to manufacture and install a new fabric air distribution system. It had to create a comfortable airflow for the safety of production and comfort to employees.