A perfect indoor air quality for any environment

We take air distribution to a whole new level with our fabric-based HVAC solutions. Technological advancements allow us to design state-of-the-art air distribution and dispersion systems for nearly every possible application, enhance performance and compliment the interior design.

Industrial Facilities

As fabric-based solutions originally evolved from industrial applications, FabricAir solutions are perfectly designed for this use. From food processing to cleanrooms, our fabric-based systems contribute to the health and comfort of all occupants.

Food Processing

Production / Manufacturing

Pharmacy / Labs / Clean Rooms

Storage / Logistics / Distribution Centers

Grow Industry / Greenhouses


Electronics / Electrical and control rooms

Commercial Facilities

Fabric-based solutions are an ideal choice for commercial facilities as they create unrivaled comfort and deliver perfect airflow with a dash of style that integrates with or enhances the interior design.

Shopping Centers

Data / Call Centers



Business Centers

Conference / Exhibition centres

Airports / Train & Bus Terminals

Restaurants / Cafeterias

Banquet Halls

Public Facilities

Health and comfort are essential in public facilities. FabricAir contributes to these attributes by elevating the indoor air quality with its fabric-based air distribution solutions. From fabric ducts to ceiling diffusers, our products can fit the needs of any application.

Schools / Universities / Libraries


Churches / Mosques

Sports, leisure and entertainment facilities

Whether occupants are actively exercising or watching a play, our array of fabric-based air distribution solutions are designed to accommodate a space’s specific requirements, creating a perfect environment and unparalleled comfort.

Stadiums / Arenas


Fitness / Sport centers

Ice rinks

Cinemas / Theaters / Museums

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