We are FabricAir®

FabricAir® is a global market leader in fabric-based air distribution solutions based in Denmark.

Since creating this technology in 1973, FabricAir® has grown into a global company with subsidiaries in 16 countries and a large network of distributors, that reach customers in over 120 countries.

FabricAir® provides solutions, not just products

FabricAir® continually strives to create outstanding value for our customers, especially as indoor air quality becomes more important in our daily lives.

More than 50 years of market experience and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs guide us as we focus on expanding the use of our technology globally in an ever-increasing list of industries.

Expert Team

As we continue to innovate the HVAC industry, our experts around the globe understand that every product impacts our customers and their communities. We invite you to meet some of our thought leaders of FabricAir who are pushing the industry forward.

Audrone Raigaisiene, PhD

Materials Engineer, R&D

Expertise in fabric design, its usage, analysis and optimization as well as research on sustainable fabrics.

Dong Yang

Engineering Manager, China

Expertise includes industrial and sports applications, cooling, cleanrooms, and laboratories.

Carlos Alonso Ollacarizqueta

Sales Manager, Spain

Specializes in air conditioning, air dispersion, and ventilaition.

Fikret Sahin

Managing Director, Turkey

Specializes in industrial applications, food processing, industrial and evaporative cooling.

Niels Valdemar Juhl

Member of Board

Vast expertise in chilling of raw meat products and HVAC solutions in working areas with a high number of operators.

Michael G. Mortensen

Engineering Manager, Denmark

Highly skilled inventor, CAD specialist and BOM estimator with vast experience in CFD studies, flow analysis, airflow, air distribution and flowmodel design.

Billy Farr

Engineering Sales Manager, North America

Proven expertise in pools and harsh environments.

Tommy Dreyer Jensen

Sales Manager, Nordic countries

Vast expertise in industrial food manufacturing, sports facilities, and laboratories.

Hanson (Song He)

Sales Director, China

Specializes in refrigeration applications (compressor and air cooler).

Phillip Daugherty

Group Product Manager, North America

Highly skilled in engineering of air distribution in indoor grow facilities.

Lauris Rezgals

Group Product Manager, Europe

Ventilation, air dispersion, and indoor climate specialist.

Simon Khaled, P. Eng

Director of Sales, North America

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