Greek Restaurant Jī-Rōz, SC, USA

Thought-provoking design fused with superior air engineering technology

When Z-Space Design created the interior design of the upscale Greek restaurant, Jī-Rōz in Greenville, SC, a FabricAir Dispersion solution was the natural choice due to the aesthetical look in combination with unrivalled performance.


Combi 20

Suspension Type

Type 1, All-In-One

Total Air Flow

3425 CFM | 5.819 m³/h

Flow Models



When John Makkas moved back to his hometown of Greenville, SC to open an exclusive Greek restaurant, he contracted Z-Space Design to help him make his dream come true. Z-Space Design specializes in hospitality design and focus on creating comfortable spaces with a wow effect that encourages the guests to come back again and again.

A FabricAir dispersion system was the perfect solution for the project. It is an innovative concept that disperses the air evenly, creating unrivalled comfort, and the color palette is a designer’s dream.

Fabric ducting is especially well suited for food applications due to the hygienic nature of the solution with no condensation or bacteria growth and easy laundering. In addition, the even air dispersion eliminates hot or cold spots and due to the low air pressure, the ducts are virtually silent.


We delivered a solution in Combi 20 with All-In-One, Type 1 suspension. Three tan beige ducts outline the perimeter of the space, delivering comfortable, draft-free air dispersion.

Due to the technology, the solution is virtually silent and the distribution of air is even across the room with even temperatures and no stagnant hot or cold zones.


The result is a highly effective air dispersion system that accents the overall design theme of the exclusive Greek restaurant Jī-Rōz.

“We use FabricAir dispersion solutions; contrary to metal ducts, it can blend in as well as stand out. It becomes a design feature and a c onversation starter. We want to give the guests a reason to look up and the restaurant owner a way to individualize.

We recommend it because of the efficiency and because it offers unique design opportunities. There are no hot spots and cold spots, there is no condensation dripping like with metal ducts, and it comes in a swoon of colors. Things do get dirty, especially in restaurants, so we love to explain to our clients that you can easily unzip that bad boy, take it home, put it in your wash, dry it and throw it back up – you can’t do that with metal!

The contractor is usually skeptical but then realizes if anything it’s definitely cheaper than metal ducts and much easier to install.” PJ Zakas, Z-Space Design