Fabric air dispersion systems are ideal for a variety of applications including large-scale bakeries where environmental controls and hygiene are crucial to ensuring a high quality, consistent product.

The Role of Controlled Environments in Award-Winning Food Production

Fabric air dispersion systems are ideal for bakeries where environmental controls are crucial to ensuring product quality.
Fabric ducts provide the ultimate air dispersion solution for a variety of applications, but are particularly successful in unusual or complex locations, including this temporary structure for a large event. The structure shown is a large metal dome with white fabric ducts configured to reach the occupants of the space with precise, draft-free airflow.

Beyond Metal: Exploring remarkable applications for fabric ducts

Fabric ductwork goes above and beyond traditional metal ductwork in these unusual HVAC applications.
Fabric duct installed in a meat processing facility featuring bright yellow D-shaped/semi-circular air ducts hung over an assembly line with multiple staff members dressed in hygienic apparel for safety and protection.

Enhancing meat processing facilities with fabric duct for optimal temperature gradients

It is crucial to maintain a low temperature gradient to ensure product quality and safety, prevent bacterial growth, and comply with regulatory standards.
FabricAir Varioduct blue fabric duct suspended on double rail with rods and plastic sliders

Equally efficient heating and cooling modes in one system

An HVAC solution for various seasons and temperature transitions helps ensure occupant comfort throughout the year with efficient temperature control.

Textile Innovation in HVAC: Exploring Fabric Ductwork

Fabric ducting is increasingly being specified over metal ductwork, particularly in swimming pools, industrial facilities, and healthcare facilities.
fabric air ducts vs conventional metal ducts - logistics, maintenance, and installation

3 Major Issues — Logistics, installation, and maintenance of air ducts

As material and logistics costs continue to rise worldwide, fabric-based air distribution systems can save not only a lot of time but also money and resources.

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