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Terrotory Sales Manager

FabricAir Inc. Atlanta, USA 23rd January 2018

Regional Sales Manager - Götaland [EN]
Regional säljchef – Götaland [SE]

FabricAir A/S Herfolge, Denmark 24th November 2017

Applications & Inside Sales Engineer

FabricAir Inc. Atlanta, USA 24th August 2017

Sales Manager Refrigeration/HVAC – South China

FabricAir (Qingdao) Co. Ltd. Qingdao, China 24th August 2017

Sales Manager Refrigeration/HVAC – East China

FabricAir (Qingdao) Co. Ltd. Qingdao, China 24th August 2017

Sales Manager Refrigeration/HVAC – North China

FabricAir (Qingdao) Co. Ltd. Qingdao, China 24th August 2017
Media Production Specialist UAB FabricAir Alytus, Lithuania 2nd November 2017
Medijų specialistas UAB FabricAir Alytus, Lietuva 2nd November 2017

Lab Technician, HVAC

UAB FabricAir Alytus, Lithuania 30th January 2018

Materials Engineer, R&D

UAB FabricAir Alytus, Lithuania 10th October 2017

Industrial Designer

UAB FabricAir Alytus, Lithuania 27th October 2017

R&D Assistant

UAB FabricAir Alytus, Lithuania 20th October 2017

CFD Specialist, HVAC/R Application Engineer

UAB FabricAir Alytus, Lithuania 18th October 2017

Software Project Manager

UAB FabricAir Alytus, Lithuania 17th October 2017

At FabricAir we strive to attract, motivate and develop talented and dedicated employees and we look forward to hearing from you.

We offer a friendly corporate culture and a strong value proposition. Working for FabricAir means joining a devoted and intelligent global team that pull together to provide value for our customers. This notion shines through to our products and our approach to projects and colleagues.

As a diverse international company we have a strong focus on quality, service and team spirit in our offices as well as in the production and we pride ourselves of being at the forefront of technology.

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